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Grades 6,7& 8

Grade 6: 13 years old and over

Grade 7: 14 years old and over (non-compulsory)

Grade 8: 15 years old and over (compulsory)

You may now take classes online or in person at the The Sanctuary Studios.

In Person:

All Students must arrive at least 10 minutes before the commencement of their class. Students and Parents must always wait in the waiting area allocated. 

You may find the current schedule here.

Due to the standards of excellence and discipline we aim to engender and maintain, all students are required to attend classes in the regulation uniform stipulated for the grade.

The uniform can be purchased overseas from the following retailers: 
The Character Skirt can be purchased at:
Fiona’s Sewing & Accessories
Gablewoods Mall, St. Lucia
Mobile: 758.287.7560  / 758.451.6770
Grade 6, 7, 8chiffon-burgundy-med.jpeg



  • Cotton Lycra Leotard any desired colour

  • Chiffon Skirt below knee length and matching leotard

  • Pale Pink tights

  • Pale Pink leather Ballet shoes with matching elastic



  • Styled in a “BUN” off the back of the neck and away from the face. NO ribbons or other hair accessories must be visible


Character Skirt

  • To wear a Black character skirt with three rows of satin ribbon – yellow, white and blue – the colours of our National Flag (not shown in pic).

  • The rows are to be equally spaced approximately two inches between, beginning two inches from the hem line. The order should really be blue below, white, then yellow on top.

  • The Skirt should be mid-calf length

  • Black Character Shoes




  • White short sleeve leotard

  • Navy Blue leggings

  • White socks

  • White leather suede sole ballet shoes

Additional Notes:

Students must be in full uniform
No Jewelry
No Wristwatches


Ballet Shoes must be scrubbed clean and also ribbons. DO NOT PLACE SHOES IN WASHING MACHINE. Use a nail brush and clean only on the outside of the shoe. Do not wet the shoes only moisten.



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