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2023 Year End Review

In July 8th 2023, we had our Royal Academy of Dance Classic Ballet Examinations with Examiner, Mrs. Anuschka Roes. We are happy to announce, we had a 100% pass rate. Congratulations to all of our students.

We received several donations over the year, and we would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals and companies:

Trophy Centre Plus for their Trophy and Certificate donations for our November 25, 2023, presentation of awards.

Contributions to the Vieux Fort Primary School Location:

Mr. Emmanuel and Alicia Nelson of Cap Estate., St. Lucia who donated five (5) Extra Large wall mirrors. These mirrors are now installed at the Vieux Fort Primary School.

Glass Experts for their assistance with the Wall Mirror Installation at the Vieux Fort Primary School

True Value Hardware for providing the wall paint for the dance room in the Vieux Fort Primary School

Mr. Norville McFarlane and Mr. Wilbert Alcide for the installation of the two exercise barres, the large photos of past students, and the two school banners.

A special thank you to Mr. Francis Moonie, The Principal of Vieux Fort Primary School

Mr. Dwayne Augustin, the Ministry of Education media and crew who kindly filmed our Demonstration.


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