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Examinations 2019


Blessings are upon you and your family! “we dance to enhance our island with the Spirit of excellence”, calls us to a ministry in dance in service of God and country.

It is with pride and humility that we report that our students have again responded to that call by achieving excellent results in this year’s examinations under the accreditation of the internationally recognised dance examination Boards, the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

As we celebrate our student’s achievements in their dance education, it is with the humbling and inspiring sensibility that we are contributing to the development of their whole person: body, mind and spirit. As we assist in developing and improving posture, body alignment, strength and control, we nurture in our children discipline, commitment, co-operation and perseverance which itself inspires both confidence and humility.

But our student’s successes are naught without the encouragement, patience and dedicated support of you, our parents. We know that yours is no easy task as you seek to provide for your family and balance many a competing need. We appreciate all you do every day to encourage and ready the children for classes, examinations and rehearsals. Your commitment to them and to the School does not go unnoticed. Our students thank you. we thank you.

We hope that our journey together continues into the new academic year. We firmly believe that the School, as the only (internationally) accredited dance institution in Saint Lucia, has an increasingly important mission. As popular culture and the entertainment industries, both international and local, produce an often one dimensional sound and a “two lyric” song, training and education in the classical arts assumes an ever more important role. Our student’s study in classical ballet, modern dance and tap, is richly diverse, exposing them to the living history of dance through the ages, whilst enhancing their knowledge and understanding of music – rhythm, phrasing, facilitating responsiveness to different time signatures and the interpretation of the mood and style of different genres of music.

In the new academic year, as our student’s advance to the next level of their dance education and the School welcomes new students, we hope to continue our celebrations of our 40th anniversary. We have an exciting schedule of activities planned, including the hosting of a large dance workshop and exhibition featuring internationally acclaimed dancers. It promises to be a rewarding year.

We do hope and pray that we will continue to benefit from your support as we, through Him, endeavour to grow and develop the School from strength to strength with a spirit of excellence!


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